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Home, Car, and many more prizes;

The Give-Away 2020 - Rules & Regulations

Many prizes will be awarded on October 1, 2020


The following individuals and all of their immediate family members residing in the same household are prohibited from receiving prizes. Board members and employees of "The Estate Home Give-Away", members of the Award Estate Board of Trustees and Executive Team, Suga 95.7 employees and staff.  The Estate  Home Give-Away Executive Team; partners and employees of Award Estate and its affiliates and members of suppliers providing services to this program. Participants must be at least 18 years of age to become a member. By purchasing a membership, you agree to all allow, The Estate Home Give-Away and it licensed suppliers, providing services to this program, the right, if you are a prize winner; to use and publicly disclose, your name, municipality of residence, image, photograph, and likeness, as a prize winner, in any means, required by the terms, of our Giveaway license, and/or that we consider appropriate, for purposes of administering, and promoting the Give-Away, without notice, review approval, or additional compensation to you. *The liability of the licensee of this Give-Away shall be limited to the purchase price of the membership.


The Member annual fees are $179.99 (tax deductible). Official members will have a receipt of membership. It is the responsibility of members, to ensure receipt of of their emailed membership information. NO REFUNDS will be issued. Membership purchases are tax deductible. For member-related matters please call: 1-239-491-4761 or email:

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October 1, 2020

Final Deadline

September 30, 2020 Midnight (Eastern Time)

Final Draw

October 1, 2020 (Draw)

Final Winners Announcement

October 2, 2020

Draw Order

The first set of prize draws will be for the 100 prize. Only members who joined by Midnight, September 30, 2020, will qualify, for the Grand Prize and many other Prize Draw.  The draws (plus many other prizes), will take place, on October 1, 2020 at approximately 8:00 a.m.  The last draw will be for the Grand Prize.

The top valued prize winners, will be announced, on Suga 95.7 web site through the live Suga 95.7 radio broadcast on October 1, 2020 between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 pm (Eastern Time), at the Sumarrase nonprofit business location: 3507 Lee Blvd, Suite 254, Lehigh Acres, Florida, 33971.

Marketing will continue to the Final Deadline of Midnight October 1, 2020.

Draw Control

Draw Control by Summarase Inc. Hosted by Suga 95.7 FM.

Prize draws, follow a strict set of procedures, with draw control oversight, by the professional services firm, under licensing approval.

All draws will be made, using Random Number Generator Software (RNG), under the supervision of, A-Ward Estate executives, Sumarrase Inc. and staff at Suga 95 FM winning numbers are eligible for all subsequent prize draws.

Winners announcements will be made live on Suga 95.7 FM Radio Station on the applicable announcement dates.

All draws shall take place at the Suga 95.7 FM

business location and broadcast via live stream, on the Suga 95.7 FM Radio Station, and shall be deemed correct and final.

For a copy of the prize draw sequence or for more information about the draw process, please call 1-239-491-4761.


Prizes will be awarded, to the individual(s), named on the original receipt. Prize notification letters are addressed to the member. It is the responsibility of the member to allocate the prize, if necessary. Prizes awarded, may not be exactly, as illustrated. +++Prize values stated, are retail value, as of the date contracts were negotiated, with suppliers, and are, independently verified, by prize suppliers, as per Florida State rules. Custom grand prize homes, may include, many custom upgrades, unique features, and the full retail replacement value, of all these features, including appliances, finishes, flooring, and landscaping, etc. Real estate retail prize values are calculated, based on, contracted purchase price and include land purchase price and include land purchase price. Value of home construction, materials, labor, permits, all taxes applicable, including full federal, state, and local, cost of site preparation, landscaping, carrying costs, furnishings, and decorating. Due to housing market fluctuations, the market value, of the real estate prizes, may rise, or diminish over time. Winner or charity, is not entitled, to the difference, if any, between the stated and actual market value, at the time, the prize is awarded. Winners of real estate prizes, will be required, to sign, a Full and Final Release, prior to the home, being transferred. Prize values include taxes and freight, where applicable.


All winners will be notified, in writing, and email, as to, what they have won, and where to claim their prizes. A searchable list of all prize winners, will be posted, online at, If all draws are completed on October 1, 2020. A printed list of winners, is available, upon request. Call 1-239-491-4761 or email

Prizes Comprises:

One winner (1) Apple Packs Prize-iPad, Watch, iPhone, and Air Pods.  Total Loyalty Prize.

Three winners (3) Samsung Packs Prize – Android Phone, Tablet, Watch, and Ear Buds.

VIP Prize Comprises:

One (1) Car taxes and fees paid

Bonus Prize Comprises:

Members only prizes values will have different ranges and will be allocated.

Early Members Prize Comprises:

To be announced

Beach Front Home Grand Prize Compromises:

Future draws for members only will be announced.

Vacation Prizes

Prizes will be awarded, as vacation packages, to the primary member, for the trip, as described in, “The Estate Home Give-Away”, at the time, of printing.  The prize winner, may contact, the prize supplier, to make travel arrangements, to take the trip, as described.

Prize Winners

Winners are asked, “To claim prizes in a timely manner, following notification”.  Any prizes, which are not claimed, shall be secured, for a period of, three (3) months, from the date of the draw.  Unclaimed prizes, will be reported, and a charitable allocation, will be approved, by Suga95.7 FM.

Donations to Sarcoidosis and 34 Ways Foundation and other Cancer Research Centers.

Privacy Statement

The Estate Home Give-Away is committed to protecting your privacy.  Personal information collected, will be used, to administer, and evaluate the Give-Away; including fulfilling Give-Away ticket orders, contacting, publicizing the legal name State and/or country of residence, of prize winners.  We may also, use your personal information, to connect with you, to keep you informed, about the impact of your support, share other activities, and ask for your support, of our mission.  The Estate does not trade, rent, or sell any personal information, to third parties.


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