A-Ward Home Development Inc.

3507 Lee Blvd
Suite 254
Lehigh Acres, FL 33971

Tel.: +1 239-491-4761
FAX: +1 239-491-4761
Email: info@awardestate.com
Hours: 8am-5pm Eastern Time

Award Estate was established in 1989, by one of southwest Miami’s, well known builders, during this era.  Mr. Dwayne William’s dedication, and determination, took his company, from a small-scale operation, to having over, two hundred employees’, on the company’s payroll; occurred during one of Florida’s most devastating natural disasters, Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Mr. Williams Company, helped rebuild Miami, back into what it is today.  Miami International Airport owes a debt of gratitude to Award Estate, Mr. Williams, and his dedicated team of workers.  The company completed, thousands of structural home rebuilds, over five thousand roofs, in and around Miami-Dade and surrounding counties. As well as having the contract, to rebuild the buildings in and around, the Miami International Airport.  In 2005, Mr. Williams foresight, allowed him to relocate, his business, to the southwest Florida region, to further advance, his passion, and love for designing, building, and lifting up communities. Equaling one happy homeowner at a time.  Today, Mr. William’s passion, is to give back, he still advances his moral ethic of conduct, after all the years, of blessings.  His love of family, is number one, in his life.

During a devastating time of loss after this pandemic,  Award Estate has decided to give back, with “The Estate  Give-Away” membership.  Award Estate has earned, an enviable reputation, designing and building quality homes, of a constant high standard, and for providing buyers with value for their money. The founder of Award Estate, has become a forerunner, in developing quality, affordable, mixed-income, and market-rate housing.  The development of communities and neighborhoods, has become an evident process, of procurement, for family model housing.  Award Estate develops and improves, the neighborhoods in which it works. Over the past 15 years, Award Estate has reinforced commitment, to advancing diverse communities, by emerging mixed-income homes throughout the southwest Florida area.