A-Ward Home Development Inc.

Award Estate was established in 1989, by one of southwest Miami’s, well known builders, during this era.  Mr. Dwayne William’s dedication, and determination, took his company, from a small-scale operation, to having over, two hundred employees’, on the company’s payroll; occurred during one of Florida’s most devastating natural disasters, Hurricane Andrew in 1992.

Award Estate has earned, an enviable reputation, designing and building quality homes, of a constant high standard, and for providing buyers with value for their money. The founder of Award Estate, has become a forerunner, in developing quality, affordable, mixed-income, and market-rate housing.  The development of communities and neighborhoods, has become an evident process, of procurement, for family model housing.  Award Estate develops and improves, the neighborhoods in which it works. Over the past 15 years, Award Estate has reinforced commitment, to advancing diverse communities, by emerging mixed-income homes throughout the southwest Florida area.


Award Estate fundamental values, is providing affordable housing, which inter connects, with community responsibility. Award Estate exemplifies pleasure in our established dedication to the communities we support and look to associate with outstanding organizations that support their communities. Award Estate works with financial associations, local, and national governments, to support, community specific offerings, and programs. Because of our reputation for resourceful advances, to mixed-use, and mixed-income developments; as well as market-rate attractive housing.  Award Estate continues to provide a platform to dreams by providing the opportunity of ownership.  It is our priority in successful procurement of each acquiring homeowner within the community.  Award goal is to continue the instrumentation of diverging families and communities, through direct attention, in creating a successful portfolio.  If you are a new home buyer or a homeowner looking to grow forward in a new home opportunity.  Award Estate will always provide custom models available, to please you right away.  The model floor plans are unique and you will be satisfied of the layout of your new custom model home.